Slash pile burning and restoration practicumTotal Cost: $

Thinning, logging and just regular forest maintenance generates large quantities of logging debris that must be treated to comply with forest practices hazard reduction laws. Burning such debris as slash piles is an efficient and effective method for treating such debris, however, care must be taken when constructing and burning such piles. This practicum will show you where, how and when to burn slash piles and how to rehabilitate them. This is a mostly outdoor applied class where various size piles will be burned and ignited using different techniques. You can participate in igniting piles using a drip torch or propane torch. Please come prepared for all types of weather. Burning generates heat and sparks, thus appropriate clothing and boots will be required if you wish to participate other than spectating.

Location: Big Fork, Montana
Start Date: 09/17/2019
Cost: $20.00

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